University of Florida students caught having sex on picnic table at Jacksonville courthouse construction site

While they are usually smart people who go on to successful careers, college students do more than their share of stupid stuff. They blow off class. They start drinking in the early morning for late afternoon football games. They scale 6-foot fences and have sex in broad daylight on a picnic table next to a federal courthouse. OK, the last one is a less common college experience, but it’s a spot two University of Florida students found themselves in last month in downtown Jacksonville, according to a News4Jax report.

The 21-year-old man and 23-year-old woman were in Jacksonville for the annual Florida-Georgia football game when they were flagged by police. Both were naked and the man tried to run, but didn’t get too far. Not surprisingly, both had been drinking. They were charged with indecent exposure in and trespassing in Jacksonville, both first-degree misdemeanors in Florida that carry up to a year in jail. Not hard time by any means, but enough to derail career prospects after graduation. Most people are going to trip up when they’re young. The key is minimizing the damage and moving forward.

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