Man arrested in Duval County for tying victim to car and dragging victim behind

A Jacksonville man is in custody for allegedly dragging another behind his car.  According to an article from the Florida Times Union, the suspect has been charged with attempted murder in Duval County.  Investigation revealed that the victim was dragged behind a stolen vehicle that was allegedly driven by the suspect.  Jacksonville police have obtained a video that shows the vehicle traveling near 36th Street and Moncrief Road West.  The car then traveled west on 36th Street with the victim behind it and then turned north on Pearce Street.  The car did not come to a rest until it was in front of the Jacksonville Electric Authority power park at 4700 Pearce Street.  Police investigation revealed a witness who allegedly observed the arrested suspect drive off from the complex with the victim tied behind the vehicle.  When found by law enforcement, the victim was naked and feet were bound.  The victim has serious life-threatening injuries.

The suspect is charged with Attempted Murder by committing a Dangerous Act Evincing a Depraved Mind without Premeditation, or second degree murder.  In Jacksonville and all of Florida, second degree murder is the unlawful killing of a person caused by any action imminently dangerous to another person showing a depraved mind regardless of human life.  Premeditation is does not have to be proven for this degree of murder charge.  The maximum punishment for second degree murder in Florida is Life in prison, but is lessened if the crime is an “attempt”.  If the victim dies from the injuries, this charge will no longer be “attempted” and the charge will be upped to murder.  In addition to the murder charge, the man will likely also be charged with Grand Theft Auto in Duval County.  The car he was allegedly driving was reported stolen prior to the incident.  This theft charge is a third degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison.

Any time a person is arrested for a felony charge in Jacksonville, the State Attorney’s Office assigns a particular prosecutor to that case.  The prosecutor has great discretion in what happens in a case.  They have to look at the apparent evidence and decide if there is a reasonable probability of conviction at trial.  Prosecutors talk to the officers involved as well as witnesses in making their decision.  It is of the utmost importance for any suspect to have a lawyer represent them at this critical time of the case.  A knowledgeable and experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney will make contact with the prosecutor involved and present mitigation as well as additional evidence the police often miss.

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