Television star arrested for domestic battery in Florida

The Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney at our Duval County Domestic Battery Law Firm has represented hundreds of people charged with all kinds of violent crimes in Florida. There are several Jacksonville crimes that are considered violent, such as Domestic Battery, Domestic Violence Assault, Aggravated Battery, etc. A man featured in the television show, “Swamp People” has been arrested in Orlando on domestic battery and assault charges. According to an article on, Noces LaFont Jr. had an argument with his girlfriend that allegedly ended in him punching her and trying to burn her. The two were lodging at a hotel in the Disney area. LaFont was issued a bond and bonded out of the Orange County jail.

To be convicted of the crime of Domestic Battery in Jacksonville, the state attorney’s office must prove the following elements beyond every reasonable doubt:

1. LaFont intentionally touched or hit the girlfriend against her will or
2. LaFont intentionally caused bodily harm to his girlfriend.

To be convicted of Assault in Duval County, the state attorney’s office has to prove:

1. LaFont intentionally and unlawfully threatened, by word or act, to do violence to his girlfriend
2. At the time, LaFont appeared to have the ability to carry out his threat
3. The act of LaFont created in his girlfriend’s mind a well-founded fear that the violence was about to take place.

If a defendant is convicted of a Jacksonville Domestic Violence charge, that person is facing up to a year in county jail as well as mandatory probation. Domestic Battery probation includes a 26 week batterers’ intervention class and heavy financial penalties. If someone is convicted of Assault in Duval County, the person is facing up to 60 days in jail because assault in Jacksonville is a second degree misdemeanor.

At the time the article was written, it was unknown whether LaFont hired a Florida Criminal Attorney, but expect that he will. In addition to possible jail time and a harsh probation, being convicted of a “violent” criminal charge will follow you for the rest of your life. The government can take away your privilege to purchase firearms and future potential employers will think twice before hiring someone with a “violent” past. As a Duval Criminal Defense Counsel, when I am hired on a domestic battery case in Jacksonville, the first thing I do is conduct a thorough interview of my client. We go step by step. Often times, our Jacksonville Battery Defense Law Firm gets a call from the alleged victim in the case. He or she often tells our criminal attorney that what is contained in the police report is inaccurate and that they do not want to press charges. While it is beneficial for an alleged victim of domestic violence to say that they do not want the person charged, it is not dispositive. The state attorney can still bring the Duval battery charges if they think they can prove the case in other ways, like through pictures. That is why it is so important to talk to our experienced Jacksonville Domestic Battery Attorney, Victoria “Tori” Mussallem as soon as possible.

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