Study shows Jacksonville arrests are down, but Duval jail population on the rise

A new report by the University of North Florida shows that while arrests are decreasing, the number of people in the Duval County Jail is going up. The report, according to an article in the Florida Times-Union, says since 2005, arrests are down 27 percent, but the daily jail population has increased 14 percent. One major factor, according to the report, is the State Attorney’s Office and its handling of cases. The number of jury trials each year is up 400 percent since Angela Corey was elected to the office in 2008, according to the newspaper.

Criminal trials can slow the system tremendously because people are waiting longer for their cases to resolve – as are people peripherally involved in the case, such as a co-defendant who has pleaded guilty but it testifying for the state. Cases that may not have been filed under a previous administration are being filed now, according to the report. From a criminal defense attorney perspective, that alone will drive the trial count up. More and more defendants are unwilling to take a deal and plead to something they don’t think they should have to plead to, which in turn increases the number of trials. Some of the offers by the state also are so steep that there’s little for a person to lose by pushing the case to trial.

In any profession, the best people and companies are the ones who adapt to the change around them. Our Jacksonville Criminal Defense Firm understands the landscape and makes adjustments accordingly. And we are not afraid to take a case to trial. Our Jacksonville trial firm has certainly been a part of that 400 percent increase in trials since 2009, and will continue to be when it is in the best interest of our clients. Some Duval County criminal lawyers do not have the experience or desire to take a case to trial if needed, and the state attorneys know who these lawyers are. If you are facing criminal charges, you deserve an experienced trial attorney to guide you in your decisions. You can negotiate, the state attorney can drop your Jacksonville criminal charge or you can make the government prove the charge against you in a trial.

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