Statewide sting targeting sex offenders leads to arrests of men in Clay and Duval counties

Police and prosecutors statewide are cracking down on sexual offenders and predators who are not complying with registration requirements.  The targeted enforcement, dubbed by the cops as Operation Summer Heat, has already led to 42 arrests, according to a report in the Florida Times-Union. Of those arrests, five men live in Jacksonville and a sixth is from Clay County, the newspaper reported. All are charged with failure to register as a sex offender, a third-degree felony with a maximum penalty of five years in state prison.

But that may not be all of the possible prison time these men are facing in these Jacksonville Sex Crimes. For example, the sexual offender registration may be part of the probation that has yet to be completed as the original sentence for their Clay County Sex Crime. And that is one more reason Jacksonville Sex Crimes stick with a person for as long as any crime, including murder. In a different scenario, a Jacksonville Drug Crimes Case for example, a person pleads guilty to a third-degree felony with a maximum of five years in prison, and is sentenced to two years in prison followed by a year of probation. If that person completes the prison sentence but then flunks a drug test and violates probation, the can be arrested on that violation. But the most they could be sentenced to is the original maximum minus what they have already served. So, in this example, three more years in prison.

But, in Clay County Sex Crimes Cases, failing to register as a sex offender is its own separate felony. So the person could get five years on this charge alone, and whatever is remaining on the original charge for violation the terms of probation. Once someone pleads guilty to or is convicted of a Jacksonville Sex Crime, he or she must register as a sex offender. That means checking in with police at least twice a year, depending on the severity of the crime the person was charged with, and notifying authorities any time the person moves. There are also restrictions on where certain sex offenders can live, in terms of proximity to schools, playgrounds and other places where children congregate.  Our Jacksonville Sex Crimes Attorney knows how severe the consequences can be and will explain them in detail to you or your loved one so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed with your case.

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