State of Georgia to consider having ANY amount of pot a misdemeanor

At the very end of 2015, a bill was introduced in the Georgia legislature that would make possessing any amount of marijuana a misdemeanor. As the law currently stands in that state, and many other states, possession over a certain amount constitutes a drug felony charge. In Georgia, if you are found to have over one ounce, or just over 28 grams of pot, it is considered a felony charge. If this new law passes, it doesn’t matter how much pot you have. All Georgia marijuana possessions would be a misdemeanor and if convicted, you would face up to 12 years in jail, no prison.

One of the primary reasons this bill was introduced, according to the article in the Florida Times Union, is to avoid making so many citizens convicted felons over possession of this drug. When you are a convicted felon in Georgia, Florida or any other state, you lose many rights we enjoy in the United States. You will not be allowed to vote in any election, you may not be able to travel to many countries, you will never be allowed to possess a gun or even be around guns, you cannot sit on a jury panel and you cannot receive several governmental benefits. Perhaps above all, being a convicted felon will limit your employment options for the rest of your life.

In Florida, it is some level of crime to possess any marijuana. If found in possession of less than 20 grams of pot in Jacksonville, you are facing a first degree misdemeanor. If you have no criminal history, the officer who finds the pot may issue you a Notice to Appear. This piece of paper is given instead of an actual arrest where you are put in handcuffs and taken downtown. A court date will have to be made and the case will be handled in County Court in Duval. It is important to consult with a Jacksonville Marijuana Possession Attorney before you make any decisions on your case because if convicted of possessing even a little amount of marijuana, you are facing up to 12 months in jail and losing your Driver’s License for 2 years. If you are found in possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana, this is a third degree felony in Duval County, punishable by up to 5 years in prison. If you even have one marijuana plant in your possession, that is also a third degree felony. If you possess large amounts of pot, there is a marijuana trafficking charge in Florida that can send you to prison for years.

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