Rescue officer arrested on Clay County drug sale warrant

A Clay County fire/rescue officer has been arrested in Clay County on allegations he sold heroin.  According to a report in the Florida Times Union, the officer sold the drug to an undercover detective at a meeting site in Clay County.  The officer allegedly sold the detective the heroin for $40.00.  The incident was videotaped by a hidden recording device, according to police.  Even though the sale took place, the officer was not arrested until an arrest warrant was signed and issued.

Clay County arrest warrants are not uncommon in drug deals, buying or selling.  The police will make contact with a supposed drug seller and form a “relationship”.  The police will make one buy and go on about their way. They then proceed to rack up more sales over the next week or so and then ultimately make all of the drug sale arrests at the same time.  Police use this tactic to increase the penalties one is facing to increase the chance of a plea to the charges.  It seems irresponsible to leave a drug seller on the streets for weeks if the police really wanted to protect the community. Even so, this tactic is not only used by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, but is also used by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

The officer in this case is facing a second degree drug sale felony.  The sale of heroin is punishable by up to fifteen years in prison.  In many cases, police receive a tip from a confidential informant, likely working off a case of their own, that someone is selling a drug.  The informant is usually the middleman between police and the suspect.  The informant can conduct the “buy” on their own or simply make an introduction.  Often times, the informant or drug detective is wearing an audio or video recording device.

Selling all controlled substances is illegal, but there are levels.  If you are convicted of selling marijuana in Clay County, it is a third degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison.  Selling heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamine is a second degree felony in Florida.  If you are accused of selling any drug, it is important to speak to a Clay County Criminal Attorney about your rights, your defense, and your options.  Our Clay Criminal Lawyer has represented thousands of clients on drug charges.

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