Principal forced out after lying to police about students’ theft in Jacksonville

If the police come a knocking, you don’t have to talk to them. But, if you do, tell the truth.
Lying to the cops can get you in a mountain of trouble – just look at former Raines High School principal George Maxey. Maxey was forced out of his high-profile job at the northwest Jacksonville school last week, accused of lying to Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office detectives looking into the Jacksonville theft of phones and electronics belonging to a visiting football team, according to a Florida Times-Union report.

The newspaper reported that the schools’ superintendent said Maxey covered up some aspects of the theft, lied to detectives and tried to get someone else to lie, too. One student was arrested in Jacksonville last week and he told police two more students were involved, but no other arrests have been made. Maxey could be in the crosshairs, too. Maxey isn’t talking about details of what he did or didn’t do, according to the newspaper. A police investigation is ongoing and, technically, Maxey could be looking at an obstructing justice charge or even accessory to a grand theft. School backers are rallying behind Maxey, saying the punishment does not fit the alleged crime.

But many times, the cover-up can cause more damage than the crime itself.

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