Pastor serves three years for sex crimes in Jacksonville, now out of prison

Admit your mistakes, do your time and get on with your life, right? Not so with Florida sex crimes, especially those involving teen-agers. Former Jacksonville pastor Darrell Gilyard is now learning that, according to reports in the Florida Times-Union. Gilyard was released last month after serving three years in prison for groping a teen during a counseling session and sending sexually suggestive text messages to another girl. Gilyard was a pastor at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, one of the city’s prominent and well-attended churches.

His sexual offender registration lists his address at a Jacksonville hotel, according to the newspaper. And now the former rising star in ministry circles must choose how to support himself, and plenty are weighing in for this story in the Florida Times-Union.
There are no other charges that carry the stigma of sex crimes. None. It’s the only crime that, if you are convicted, allows the state to broadcast your history every time you move to a new neighborhood, alerting everyone in a certain geographic radius. The accusation alone can destroy careers and lives. Often, there is no physical evidence – just one person’s word against another’s.

Our Jacksonville Sex Crimes Attorney has represented hundreds of people facing similar charges. Our Jacksonville criminal defense firm will examine what evidence the state has in the case and provide you with the best options to fight the charges against you. If you are approached by a Jacksonville sex crimes detective, invoke your right to remain silent and call a Jacksonville Sex Crime Attorney immediately! The police are not on your side and are looking to make an arrest. Often times, the police only have the word of another person. They do not consider the lack of physical evidence when investigating a sexual allegation.

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