Pastor, now living in Kansas, arrested on Jacksonville Sex Crimes charge from two decades ago

A pastor now living in Kansas is facing life in prison, following his arrest for sexual battery on a child that allegedly occurred more than 20 years ago. The man was arrested after he met with the victim at a Daytona Beach restaurant, according to a report on News4Jax. The defendant did not know police were recording the conversation and then arrested him shortly thereafter, the television station reported. The man, 52, is now charged with capital sexual battery on a victim between under the age of 12. The charge is a first-degree felony and only punishable by life in prison.

Police released very little information on the alleged victim, and have not disclosed whether the defendant was a pastor at the time of the alleged incident in Jacksonville, but said they believe there may be more than one alleged victim, the television station reported. It’s unclear why the defendant went to meet with the alleged victim, but it appears he or she was working with Jacksonville police to get the defendant to say something on tape regarding the incident in this Jacksonville Sex Crimes Case. Despite the fact the crime allegedly occurred more than 20 years ago, the state can still pursue charges because of the type of crime. There is no statute of limitations on a capital sexual battery on a child. Prosecuting a case this old will have challenges, which is why the audio recording would be so important to the state. There will not be any physical evidence in this Jacksonville Sex Crimes Case, and it is shaping up to be the defendant’s word against the alleged victim’s. That can be the difficulty for the state in proving Jacksonville Sex Crimes, and a significant fear for the defendant. All it takes is an accusation to end up being charged with a crime – one that has no other punishment except for life in prison.

The recording appears to be the key to this Jacksonville Sex Crimes Case. Expect the defense to analyze everything on about the recording – including how it was recorded and how the meeting was set up – in an effort to have the recording discarded as evidence. Without it, there is likely very little for the state to go on. Our Jacksonville Sex Crimes Attorney has represented hundreds of people charged with sex crimes, and understands that people assume those charged are guilty once an accusation is levied. Our Jacksonville Sex Crimes Attorney is experienced in these cases, and will thoroughly investigate the cases against you or your loved one.

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