Over $67,000 Worth of Rum Stolen from Jacksonville Warehouse

According to an article in the Florida Times Union, a cargo container containing 960 cases of Bacardi rum and a trailer was stolen last Friday from a warehouse. Police say the thieves cut the wire on the fence, broke open the containers, and drove the trailer away from the site.

The people who committed this theft could be charged with several crimes in Jacksonville, Florida. The first obvious crime is Grand Theft, which can be found in Florida Statute 812.014 (1)(c). A Grand Theft in Jacksonville is a third degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison. I order to be convicted of a Grand Theft in Florida, the state attorney must prove that the suspects took the property of another with the intent to either permanently or temporarily deprive the owner of that property. In order to be considered “grand”, the value of the property must be over $300.00.

The suspects could also be arrested for Burglary to a Structure in Florida. Since this was a warehouse complex, it is not considered a dwelling or a conveyance. Under Florida burglary law, a “structure” is defined as a building of any kind which has a roof over it, together with the curtilage. Curtilage is the land or yard adjoining a structure that is within an enclosure. If the suspects entered the warehouse yard with the intent to commit a crime therein, they can be charged with burglary in Jacksonville. Burglary to a Structure in Florida is a third degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison.

If you have been charged with a burglary in Jacksonville, contact a Jacksonville Burglary Attorney to discuss your case and your rights. At Mussallem & Associates, P.A., our Jacksonville Criminal Attorneys have represented hundreds of people charged with theft crimes in Jacksonville and we are here to help you!

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