NFL player busted for selling drugs, number of other players allegedly on clients list in “double digits”

Seeing a professional athlete get pinched on a drug possession charge or a DUI is hardly headline news these days. But when a Chicago Bears wide receiver was arrested last week accused of trying to set up a weekly $700,000 purchase of marijuana and cocaine, heads turned. Especially when a report surfaced that the feds had a list of Sam Hurd’s clients that included fellow National Football League players into the “double digits,” according to a report in Sports Illustrated. Federal authorities reportedly built their case through wiretaps and conversations with confidential informants. Hurd was arrested last week after trying to buy four kilograms of cocaine from an undercover agent, the magazine reported.
Shortly after the arrest, speculation ran rampant once the alleged client list was leaked. The names are still unknown – but it is undoubtedly a list no one in the league is looking to be on.

But how much could that actually prove? Not much, if all they have is a name.

Agents could then talk to the people on the list, but if they don’t talk, there may be little that authorities can do. But if Hurd talks to try to save himself, or if any of these NFL players are caught on the wiretaps, it could be big trouble.

When a criminal case gets to trial, the jury must find that charges are proven beyond a reasonable doubt. A name on a list doesn’t get there. But who knows what cards the feds have they aren’t showing right now. The first thing anyone on that list – or anyone who thinks they might be on that list – should do is contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Heading things off at the start and getting a criminal defense attorney on board to start preparing is essential – whether you are an NFL player or a factory worker with the AFL/CIO. Our Jacksonville criminal defense law firm has represented hundreds of people on drug charges – from possessions to trafficking charges in Jacksonville, Clay County, Nassau County and St. Johns County. We know what the state must prove and that the evidence needed to make an arrest isn’t always strong enough to hold up in front of a jury.

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