Newspaper investigation sheds light on FBI’s look into Nassau County sheriff

A Nassau County Sheriff’s Office detective crossed the vaunted “thin blue line,” going to the FBI and wearing a wire to try to take down his boss. A Florida Times-Union investigation published over two days last week provides an inside look at what the feds might be looking for with their probe into the department and retiring Sheriff Tommy Seagraves. A former detective went to the FBI after fearing Seagraves would not take action against deputies seen as friendly to Seagraves who were accused of corruption and civil right violations. The cop-turned-informant secretly recorded conversations within the department for over a year, gathering string for an investigation the FBI is keeping quiet about. Seagraves dismisses the informant as a disgruntled employee with an ax to grind.
Employees usually raise a fuss about corruption for one of two reasons: They’ve got the goods on their employer and there’s a serious problem, or, they are disgruntled.

Either way, it could be trouble for Seagraves and the department.

You can bet that Clay County criminal defense attorneys will be keeping a close eye on this investigation – especially with two people coming forward about allegedly having their civil rights violated by the same officer. If proven, internal issues like these can taint more than just the criminal cases where the abuse is alleged. Unrelated arrests in Clay County where the same officer is involved can be under the dark cloud of that officer and can hamstring the state attorney’s office. Credibility of the police department and, more importantly, the arresting officer is a key to the state’s case. Prosecutors know it and defense attorneys know it.

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