New law in Louisiana demands status update for registered sex offenders

Our Jacksonville Sex Crime Law Firm keeps tabs on criminal law changes, especially sex crime legislation around the country. A newly passed law in Louisiana will make registered sex offenders post their status on social media websites. A report on CBS news says the law aims to punish the offender with this law the same way it punished someone for not registering in the first place. The law takes effect in August and requires an offender to put their criminal histories online.

Sex offenders and predators in Florida must register their names, social security numbers, date of birth, sex, age, weight, height, eye color, hair color, photo and address. The person has to report in person twice a year, once in their birth month and once six months later. If the sex offender does not report in person, they can be arrested for the Jacksonville sex crime of Failure to Register, which is a third degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison. To prove this Florida sex charge, the state attorney must prove that the person is, in fact, a sex offender. They must also prove that the offender knowingly failed to register either their permanent or temporary residence. “Permanent residence” is defined as a place where someone sleeps for five or more consecutive days. A “temporary residence” is defined as a place where someone sleeps for five or more days total during the year and is not the offender’s permanent address.

In addition to the requirement to register in Florida, someone convicted of a sex crime in Duval County or anywhere in Florida has many other requirements that must be met. If a defendant is placed on sex offender probation in Jacksonville, there are many conditions. Some of these special probation conditions in Jacksonville include a curfew , not living within 1000 feet of places where children play (schools, day cares, parks, etc.), prohibition against contact with the victim of the sex crime, having no contact with children under 18 years of age, not being allowed to be on the internet without permission from the probation officer, not being allowed to have any pornography, keeping a driving log, submitting to mandatory sex offender counseling and mandatory polygraph exams. Being on probation for any sex related crime in Duval, Clay or Nassau County is very difficult. If you violate any condition, you will be arrested for a violation of probation and subjected to the same amount of time you were facing on the original criminal charge.

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