Nearly two dozen arrested in Nassau County Drug Crimes sting

A months-long undercover operation in Nassau County lead to 23 arrests – predominantly on felony drug charges – and two more suspects have warrants out for their arrest.  Police announced the charges last month as part of Operation Sorry for the Weight, though people have been getting arrested and charged over the past couple of months, according to a report in the Florida Times-Union. Undercover officers say they caught people selling marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs and other controlled substances, the newspaper reported. The type of drug is critical in Nassau County Drug Crimes Cases because the charges and potential sentences are based on two factors: the drug the person is accused of possessing or selling, and the amount of the drug the person is accused of having.

In these Nassau County Drug Crimes Cases, the amount does not appear to be the issue. All of the transactions appear to be a small amount of drugs and none of the 23 is facing trafficking charges – which is where far more serious penalties, including minimum mandatory sentences, are in play.   For example, sale of cocaine is a second-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in state prison. The same second-degree felony charge applies for sale of methamphetamines, as well as hydrocodone in Nassau County Drug Crimes Cases. But sale of marijuana is a third-degree felony and the maximum prison time is only five years. In fact, for even just possession of most drugs other than marijuana, the charges are more than likely going to be felonies – rarely are the charges misdemeanors. In this Nassau County Drug Crimes Case, while most of the charges were for sale of drugs, there were several charged only with possession. Only one person, who was charged with possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana, is facing a misdemeanor charge. Others charged with possession of cocaine are looking at third-degree felony charges and a possibility of up to five years in state prison.

In many of these Nassau County Drug Crimes charges, the charges are based on the men and women selling drugs to undercover officers. In most of these instances, police have video and audio recording of the transaction, which can be admissible in court if the police follow all of the proper rules and procedures.  Our Nassau County Drug Crimes Attorney represents people charged with all types of drug crimes – possession, sale and trafficking – involving all types of drugs, from marijuana and cocaine to prescription drugs and methamphetamines.

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