Nassau County corrections officer charged with battery after video of inmate confrontation surfaces

A now-former Nassau County corrections officer was arrested for his role in an altercation with an inmate earlier this summer.  The corrections officer, who was fired last month, is now facing a misdemeanor battery charge for the July incident, according to First Coast News. The television report shows some of the video from the jail and says the incident started with a verbal confrontation with the inmate and the officer. The officer told investigators he confronted the inmate about comments he made to a female inmate when the man took an aggressive stance and the confrontation turned physical, the television station reported.

The former officer is now charged with battery, a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in the county jail. As far as criminal charges go, this Nassau County Battery Case is relatively minor because there is no possibility of the defendant ending up in state prison, and it is rare for a person to receive a year in county jail for what amounts to a fight. But, the allegation and subsequent charge has already cost the defendant his job. And, will the state, and eventually the judge, look differently on this case because the officer was in a position of authority? There is a certain amount of confrontation that happens in jails and prisons and the degree to which the officer is perceived as the aggressor will likely be a determining factor in the case. If the guard is seen as defending himself, that’s one thing. The state obviously felt here was more to it, or the officer would not be facing criminal charges.  Just how the case goes could be a factor for Nassau County down the road. In many inmate cases such as this Nassau County Battery Case, the inmate will sue the county in civil court for damages as a result of the incident. While civil and criminal cases have far different standards and procedures, it does not help the county’s legal position if the officer is found guilty by a jury of his peers. It’s highly likely that any civil suit would come after the criminal case is resolved, simply because it changes the dynamics of the case. While civil cases come up frequently, it is rare for an officer to be criminally charged in an incident such as this Nassau County Battery Case.

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