Mussallem & Associate, P.A., Jacksonville Criminal Law Firm

When you are arrested, your world gets turned upside down. Not only is your freedom at stake, but your economic future is also at risk. Our Jacksonville criminal defense attorney understands the personal effect the arrest has on your life as well as the legal implications.

At Mussallem & Associate, P.A., we listen. Our Duval County criminal attorney is available to discuss your legal matter 24 hours a day 7 days a week because we know problems don’t just happen nine to five. Our Jacksonville law firm handles criminal case exclusively. We focus all of our attention on preserving your constitutional rights. Police officers will often make an arrest before investigating the case fully. Officers do not always talk to all the witnesses, especially when they are witnesses for you.

Our Jacksonville attorney fights illegal searches, illegal arrests, false accusations, lying witnesses, and exaggerated charges. Victoria “Tori” Mussallem represents people who have been accused of all Florida felonies, all Florida misdemeanors, probation violations, domestic battery, drug crimes, theft crimes, fraud crimes, sex crimes, and DUI (Driving Under the Influence).

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