More evidence coming out in case of Jacksonville man accused of stabbing Chicago Bears football fan

The state released video surveillance and other evidence to the media last week in the case of a Jacksonville man accused of slitting the throat of an out-of-town football fan that had been talking to his wife. The release came about one month after a motion from Matthew Hinson’s Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney to prevent the release of discovery information was denied by the judge, according to a report from News4Jax. The recently released information includes surveillance video from that night at the Jacksonville Landing, including footage of Hinson being arrested in Jacksonville and other cars trying to prevent him from getting away.

Hinson is charged with second-degree murder, accused of walking up to a Chicago Bears fan in town to watch a football game the next day, and killing the Illinois man, the television station reported. The recently-released information also includes telephone calls from several witnesses to 911 dispatchers asking for help for Chris Pettry and saying they saw a man later identified as Hinson leaving the incident, the television station reported. One witness is even recorded telling police “I watched him do it,” according to the television report. Jacksonville Defense Attorneys had initially requested the information remained sealed in this Jacksonville Violent Crimes case, arguing the release in the highly-publicized case would prevent Hinson from being able to receive a fair trial.

The case has received national headlines, primarily because it was a football fan killed when traveling to another city for a game. Some of the videos and other recordings in the case have been redacted, for what prosecutors say is to allow Hinson to receive a fair trial, the television station reported. But clearly everything released so far seems to favor the state and this Jacksonville Violent Crimes case isn’t looking great for Hinson. But that is why cases are tried in courtrooms in front of juries and not simply in the media.

Hinson is charged with second-degree murder in this Jacksonville Violent Crimes case and faces up to life in prison if he is convicted. This is a case where the Duval County defense lawyer is likely to ask the judge to for a change in venue. That is done in cases where the alleged crimes have been covered so extensively in the local media that the trial is moved to another county to try to find jurors that have not already formed an opinion in the case. Attorneys ask for a change of venue far more often than they are granted, so it will be interesting to see if an eventual trial does indeed stay in Jacksonville. Motions to move a trial and restrict the release of discovery in a case are seemingly little things that experienced Jacksonville Violent Crimes Attorneys do that can make a significant difference in how the case of you or your loved one ends up.

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