Man wants help for gunshot wound, but won’t talk to Jacksonville police

A 45-year-old Jacksonville man walked to a fire station for help after he said he was shot while playing cards and drinking. Rescue crews took him to a hospital with gunshot wounds to his chest and arm, but the injuries were not life-threatening, according to the Florida Times-Union. He said little to rescue personnel, other than “Help me,” the newspaper reported. But when it came time for him to help police, the victim shut down.
This causes serious problems for the police.

While it’s not required, prosecutors typically have the cooperation of the victim when moving forward with a case. It certainly makes the state’s job easier. If police do make an arrest and it goes to trial, the jury will want to know where the alleged victim is. If he’s not there, they’ll want to know why. The victim can help police only as much as he or she wants to. Detectives cannot force him to identify a shooter, or anyone else for that matter, if he or she doesn’t want to. Sometimes, the state attorney’s office forces alleged victims to testify and are physically brought to court by investigators. Some of these “victims” made up their story to he police in the beginning of the case and do not want to carry on the lie any further. That is why it is so important to speak to an experienced criminal attorney about your criminal case and your constitutional rights.

Police and prosecutors prefer hard evidence at trial and our Jacksonville criminal defense law firm knows how to find weaknesses in the state’s case. Our experienced criminal firm looks at every aspect of the case against you or your loved one – focusing on what can be admissible at trial.

As far as the man shot while playing cards, he may know the shooter, he may not. Until he talks, no one knows – including the police.

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