Man and woman arrested for child abuse when children found restrained

Child abuse cases in Jacksonville and all over the United States are considered very serious. Five children are in the government’s care after two of the kids were found bound and with blindfolds over their eyes in a parking lot in Lawrence, Kansas. According to an article on, the family consisting of a man, woman and five children who were living in a car. Witnesses saw two children, five and seven years-old, outside the vehicle with their hands behind their backs and their eyes covered. The other children present were twelve, thirteen and fifteen years-old. Both the man and woman were taken into custody and arrested for child abuse and child endangerment. The man was also arrested for obstruction, which is called resisting a police officer in Jacksonville.

In Duval County, there are several crimes involving the abuse of children. The term “child” is defined as a person under 18 years of age. Jacksonville child abuse is the intention infliction of physical or mental injury on a child, an intentional act that one could reasonably expect would result in a physical or mental injury on the child or actively encouraging someone to commit acts that could hurt a child. Someone convicted of knowingly and willfully abusing a child without causing great bodily harm is facing up to five years in jail because the crime is a Jacksonville third degree felony. Duval County child abuse charges can be elevated to first degree felony if the abuse is “aggravated”. Aggravated child abuse occurs when someone commits a Florida aggravated battery on a child, purposely tortures, maliciously punishes or willfully cages a child or when abusing a child the defendant causes great bodily harm or permanent disability. Child Neglect is another crime in Jacksonville, Florida. A child is criminally neglected if a caregiver fails to provide the child with the care and supervision necessary to keep the child mentally and physically healthy. Some factors to be considered are whether or not the child was given nutritious food, clothes, shelter from the elements and medical care a reasonable person would consider essential for a child. Someone convicted of Duval County child neglect without causing the child harm is looking at five years in prison because the Jacksonville crime is a third degree felony. If the child is caused great bodily harm as a result of the Jacksonville child neglect, the crime is elevated to a second degree felony punishable by up to fifteen years in prison. The only exception to the Florida child neglect law is if someone leaves a newborn child at the hospital, EMT station or fire station with no intention of coming back for the baby, this is not considered child neglect in Florida.

It is very easy to get arrested for child abuse in Jacksonville these days. When parents discipline their children, sometimes marks are left. If a teacher sees marks on the child, they are obligated to call the police and the Department of Children and Families. At that point, you are facing a criminal investigation in Jacksonville and before you speak to anyone, you need to contact a Jacksonville Child Abuse Attorney immediately. The police are not there to help you, they are there to make a Duval County arrest. Call The Mussallem Law Firm to speak to an Experienced Duval County Criminal Attorney. Our Jacksonville Child Neglect Attorney is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (904) 365-5200.

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