Jacksonville Woman Allegedly Admits to Murder While in Georgia

A Jacksonville woman is back after she was arrested recently in Homerville, Georgia, outside Valdosta, WALB reports.

The 41-year-old woman was pulled over by Homerville police recently for allegedly driving “erratically.” When officers pulled her vehicle over, they say she admitted to killing her husband in Jacksonville. When Jacksonville police went to the couple’s home, they found the man dead after suffering from gunshot wounds.In this case, the woman faces a charge of murder in Jacksonville, and the situation highlights the importance of consulting with an experienced Jacksonville criminal defense attorney who can advise her on all aspects of the case. Rarely is speaking with police a good idea.

In most cases, making a statement won’t benefit the defendant. Many people believe they can talk their way out of an arrest by fooling police, but this rarely works. This isn’t a situation with a child and their parent. If police believe they have evidence to arrest the suspect, they will.

And, usually, what the defendant says is only going to hurt in the long run. While the suspect probably is only thinking of avoiding arrest, they must consider the long-term consequences. If they make a statement and police make an arrest anyway, what will likely happen is contradictory evidence to the suspect’s statement will be played for the jury. That will hurt the defendant’s credibility in front of the jurors who are to consider the charges and decide the person’s fate.

An experienced lawyer will be able to advise the defendant of these facts before they talk with law enforcement. Not making a statement to police also helps in preparing a defense for trial.

If prosecutors haven’t heard the defendant’s words and don’t know what they could possibly say, if the defendant chooses to testify at trial, it will take them by surprise. If the state has a taped statement that was given to police, they know what the defendant said at the time. If the defendant’s version of the events changes between then and trial, that can be used against them.

In this woman’s case, the woman was allegedly driving erratically, police say, so they pulled her over after she entered a gas station. She told the officer she was about to faint and then allegedly told them she had killed her husband. Inside the couple’s Jacksonville house, officers found a .357 revolver.

She has since been returned from Homerville to Jacksonville, where she awaits trial. It’s likely she will face a second-degree murder charge which, in Florida, is punishable by up to life in prison. The woman told the news media softly “I’m sorry” when she left Homerville to be transferred to Jacksonville.

It’s unclear if other factors, such as a history of domestic violence or self-defense, played a factor in the situation. Other details, such as a motive or corroborating evidence tying her to the crime have yet to be released.

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