Jacksonville police arrest man wanted for not registering as a sexual predator

Jacksonville police had asked the public’s help in finding a sexual predator that was wanted for not registering with police as required by law. The police got the help they were looking for, as a tip led them to a Jacksonville hotel, where the man was arrested after he tried to run away and more police officers had to be called in as the man was fighting to get free, according to a report in the Florida Times-Union.

The man was charged with failure to register as a sexual predator and with resisting police with violence, the newspaper reported. Both charges are third-degree felonies with a maximum penalty of five years in state prison. The man was released from prison this summer after serving 16 years for lewd assault on a minor, the newspaper reported. Depending on the terms of his sentence, the man may also be on some sort of sexual offender probation. If so, he would be facing another charge for violating that probation. The difference in Jacksonville Sex Crimes Cases is that failure to register is its own separate felony charge – and it applies even if someone is no longer on probation.

The failure to register charge is fairly common and is a Jacksonville Sex Crime that often keeps people convicted of sex crimes in the prison system. Once a person is released from prison after serving time for a Jacksonville Sex Crime, he or she must register with police. This entails giving the police the address where the person with be living and, in some cases, determining if the sex offender is even legally allowed to live there. There are requirements sex offenders must meet in terms of how close they live to a school, etc. Registered sex offenders must check in with police at least twice a year, depending on the severity of their crime. They are also required to notify police within 48 hours if they move or change addresses.

In this Jacksonville Sex Crimes Case, it’s unclear whether the man moved or just didn’t register in the first place after being released from prison in July. Jacksonville Sex Crimes have lifelong consequences if a person is convicted. Even though the man has served 16 years in prison, he still has legal obligations afterward. When a person registers as a sex offender, neighbors are notified with the person’s name, address and the charge the person was either convicted of or pleaded guilty to. Our Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney has represented hundreds of people accused of sex crimes and knows the lasting implications of a guilty plea. Our Jacksonville Sex Crimes Attorney will outline all of the requirements of registrations, along with the potential consequences of taking the case to trial, so you or your loved one can make an informed decision.

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