Jacksonville Jaguars’ top pick avoids jail time in DUI plea deal

Jacksonville Jaguars draft pick Justin Blackmon pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor DUI charge stemming from a June arrest in Oklahoma. Blackmon’s blood-alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit of .08, but he received the standard sentence of probation, fines and alcohol awareness courses that most first-time Jacksonville DUI offenders receive, according to a report in the Florida Times-Union. Blackmon was fined $500, will have to pay court costs, serve 50 hours of community service and take courses. All phases can be completed on Probation in Jacksonville, where Blackmon was scheduled to report last week for training camp. His driver’s license will also be suspended for a year, which could be reduced if he has a device installed on his vehicle that measures the alcohol level in his breath before the car will start. Blackmon was arrested for Driving Under the Influence on June 3 for driving 60 mph in a 35 mph about 3 a.m., the newspaper reported. The Drunk Driving arrest came just more than a month after the Jacksonville Jaguars selected the wide receiver from Oklahoma State University with the 5th pick in the National Football League draft. Police stopped him for speeding, said he had a smelled of alcoholic beverages and was unsteady on his feet. He blew a .24 and a second test registered a .26, the newspaper reported.

While Blackmon is legally a first-time DUI offender, this was not his first brush with the law regarding alcohol. Blackmon was arrested for DUI in 2010, but that charge was reduced to possession of alcohol by a minor, the newspaper reported. Any penalty for a second offense would hinge on a second conviction, not just a second arrest. The June case was resolved fairly quickly, taking only just six weeks to work out. Much of that was because of Blackmon’s circumstances. The Jacksonville Jaguars appeared to have been waiting for the case to resolve before embarking on serious contract discussions with Blackmon. A deal was still not in place when the Jaguars began training camp last weekend.

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