Jacksonville Beach mother accused of trading sex with her 6-year-old for drugs

Horrific accusations made national headlines last week when a Jacksonville Beach mother was arrested for trading sex with her 6-year-old daughter for drugs. Dalina J. Nicholas, 35, was arrested in Georgia as a fugitive and will be charged with child neglect in Jacksonville, according to a report in the Florida Times-Union. The young girl is undergoing therapy and is for now living with Nicholas’ mother, who described Nicholas as having a drug problem but also a victim in this case, the newspaper reported.

Two men, 47 and 56, with extensive criminal records, were arrested last month on Jacksonville, Duval County capital sexual battery charges in connection with the case, the newspaper reported. A tip from a homeless man opened the investigation after he told an officer he’s been there to use drugs and knew people were sexually abusing the young girl, who has since turned 7, the newspaper reported. The Jacksonville Beach residence was apparently a haven for drug use and Nichols let homeless and others stay there frequently, the newspaper reported. But Nichols’ mother said her daughter was also a victim and was overrun by the drug dealers, likely sexually abused herself, the newspaper reported.

At least one of the men charged with sexual battery told police he had lived in the home before, but denied any sexual contact with the young girl. Tying all of the moving parts in this case could prove difficult. Little has been released about when the sexual activity occurred, so it’s unclear if there is physical evidence or how much the young girl would be able to say about it. Other witnesses are either drug dealers or drug users, which could lead to credibility issues. And the turning on one another has undoubtedly already begun.

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