FDLE releases crime information for 2011

Every year, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement releases offense and arrest data for the state as a whole and for individual counties. In 2011, the total number of adults arrested in Florida was just over 950,000. Just over 87,000 juveniles were arrested for various crimes in every county, including Duval County. Reports of many crimes went down last year, including instances of rape (sexual battery), robbery and aggravated assault. There are many factors that contribute to a crime rate dropping, including reduced budgets. Less money means less police officers on the streets. Less officers on the street arrest make less arrests overall.

As a Duval County Criminal Defense Attorney, I am very interested in analyzing crime statistics in Jacksonville. Last year, Jacksonville logged a total of 44,522 crimes committed and reported. Jacksonville crime went down more than 3% from 2010. Reported Jacksonville robberies went down, Duval County rape allegations went up, Aggravated Assault charges in Jacksonville went down, Jacksonville burglary charges dropped, and Jacksonville theft charges went down. There are several law enforcement agencies that can arrest people in Jacksonville, including The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, The Atlantic Beach Police Department, Jacksonville Beach Police Department, Neptune Beach Police Department, and the University of North Florida Police Department.

Our Jacksonville Criminal Law Firm also represents people who have been arrested in Clay County. Total crime went up from 2010. Several reported crimes dropped in 2011, including rape charges, robbery cases and Clay County aggravated assault. There are several agencies that have arrest power in Clay County. These law enforcement agencies include the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, Green Cove Springs Police Department and Orange Park Police Department.

Following the other counties, crime in Nassau County also dropped by 3 1/2 percent. The two types of Nassau County crime that increased were Nassau County theft charges and Grand Theft Auto Charges. The agencies that have arrest power in Nassau County are the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office, the Fernandina Beach Police Department, The Nassau Division of Law Enforcement and Florida Game Commission.

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