Detective arrested in Clay County in gambling house investigation

A decorated Neptune Beach detective who provided input into the city’s gambling laws now finds herself on the other side – facing a felony charge for her alleged involvement in a Clay County gambling house operation. Detective Camille L. Burban was one of four people arrested in Clay County, according to the Florida Times-Union. She is charged with being the “keeper of a gambling house.” The Florida felony charge is considered a third degree felony and carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

Burban’s boyfriend owns a company that sells pool tables and pinball machines, along with video poker and slot machines. Burban’s Facebook page says she has worked for the company more than 20 years, the newspaper reported. According to the police report, the company installed the machines for free at two Clay County bars and would get a 50-50 split from the money collected. Two others were arrested last month, the alleged delivery drivers for the company. Burban called Clay County police several times after the first two were arrested, trying to get back a van that was seized in the first arrest.

Her Clay County Criminal Defense Attorney says he can’t figure what she’s accused of doing wrong and Burban maintains her innocence, the paper reported. Her attorney said Burban answered a few questions from the Neptune Beach City Council when the city was drafting its gaming ordinance and did not play the “instrumental role” her arrested report claims.

The case brings up the important legal question of ownership when it comes to criminal charges. If, in fact, the machines are illegal, what was Burban’s role? Did she know of or direct the activity? It’s similar to when police find a bag of marijuana in a car with four people inside. It has to be someone’s. Sometimes all four are charged, but when it comes down to the end, does a jury have enough confidence to say who it belongs to – beyond a reasonable doubt. If there is a question about ownership or possession in a criminal case, our Clay County criminal defense lawyers know the questions to ask that will shine a light on what the police can and cannot prove.

Burban has been put on unpaid leave, but the police chief said he’s stunned that one of his top investigators has been accused on something like this. Time will tell if those accusation can be proven.

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