Couple says car shown in running light in Jacksonville red-light camera case is not theirs

A woman whose license plate number is exactly the same as one on a car shown running a red light in Jacksonville will have to go to court to profess her innocence – and try to avoid a hefty fine. The Putnam County woman received a ticket in the mail that shows a car with the same license plate information as hers clearly making a left turn on a red light at a Jacksonville intersection, according to a report on News4Jax. But that car is a light-colored sedan, not even close to the orange Dodge Charger she owns and says is registered to that license plate, the television station reported. Now, the woman is going to have to head to court, show the evidence and state her case – in hopes of having this Jacksonville Traffic Case dismissed.

The burden should not be on her to prove her innocence in this Jacksonville Traffic Case. But that is precisely what red light cameras have done in Jacksonville Traffic Cases, shifted the burden from innocent until proven guilty to the state essentially forcing drivers to show the photographs are wrong. The notices and photos arrive in the mail and the message appears clear: Prove it’s not you or pay the fine. The red light cameras appear to be headed for legal battles, as they have in other cities and states that have implemented this. The cameras are often credited for reducing the number of crashes at intersections because people, in theory, pay more attention to running a red light when they know there’s a likelihood of punishment if they go through the red light. But, make no mistake, these red light cameras are also a cash cow for local governments. They can generate hundreds of tickets at a fraction of the cost of an officer sitting in his or her patrol car at an intersection individually pulling people over who drive through a red light.

And the cost of a Jacksonville Traffic Case can be more than the $150 or so listed on the ticket. If you do not pay the fine in a certain amount of time, a month, the fine can double.
The legal challenges on red light cameras in Jacksonville Traffic Cases will be interesting to watch. Our Jacksonville Traffic Attorney is keeping a close eye on the early cases using these cameras and can help determine if the case of you or your loved one is worth fighting in court.

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