Cocaine ring investigation expands to Jacksonville police officer

A veteran Jacksonville police officer was arrested and charged this month, accused of giving her son inside information in a potential felony drug case against him.  The charge stems from an ongoing investigation into what police say is a massive Jacksonville Drug Crimes Case that involves large quantities of cocaine being brought to Jacksonville from Texas, according to a report in the Florida Times-Union. Police arrested an officer and charged her with attempting to help her son elude police, the newspaper reported. Her son is accused of being in the drug operation at the direction of his father and the officer’s ex-husband, the newspaper reported. Police said the defendant is accused of alerting her son that police were onto him, telling him not to drive one of his cars that police knew about and talking with his girlfriend about helping him escape, the newspaper reported. She was placed on administrative leave from her position in the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and charged with aiding escape. The charge is a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in state prison.

By all indications, the father is who police believe is the one leading the organization. In many Jacksonville Drug Crimes Cases, police go after some of the more minor players and attempt to squeeze information out of them that leads to prosecutors being able to prove the case against the biggest fish beyond a reasonable doubt. In most cases, that information comes with an offer for a lighter sentence or a reduction in charges. There’s an interesting dynamic in this Jacksonville Drug Crimes Case, and it might be difficult for a person to give police information about his father. But, for an ex-wife to talk to police to potentially save her son – that scenario seems a little more likely.  As for the officer who was arrested, employers operate under different rules than the criminal justice system. That is especially true in law enforcement. Internal policies usually dictate that persons who are convicted of or plead guilty to a felony cannot serve in law enforcement. But even if this case doesn’t go that far, it’s possible her days of a police officer are over. While police are held to different standards, it’s one thing if an officer gets in trouble away from the job – such as a DUI in a personal car. This however, involved the use of police information to assist someone who was under investigation, which is a serious no-no in law enforcement circles.
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