Casey Anthony and Florida Probation

Casey Anthony is easily one of the most notorious figures in Florida this year. After being acquitted of first degree murder charges, Ms. Anthony is now on probation in Florida for check charges. Ms. Anthony was placed on probation while her murder case was pending and the department of corrections in Orlando started the probation while she was still incarcerated. Technically, her probation should be over because the clock began running when jail officials made the mistake of not waiting until she was released from jail. Despite the error, the appeals court is making Ms. Anthony complete the probation sentence now that she has been released.

Ms. Anthony has been sentenced to 1 year on Florida probation and is supposed to look for a job or go back to school. When you are placed on probation in Jacksonville or anywhere in Florida, there are certain requirements and prohibitions. You have to report to probation on a monthly basis and must pay for the cost of your supervision. The cost is around $60.00 per month. When you are placed on probation in Jacksonville, you have less rights than the normal citizen. The probation officer can come to your home at any hour and search it. You are also subject to drug tests and prohibited from being around anyone who is or could be committing any crime. You are also restricted on where you can go. Usually, you cannot leave the county you are on probation to without the permission of your judge.

In addition to the previous standard conditions, “special” conditions can be imposed on your probation depending on the crime you plea to. For example, if you are put on probation for a first DUI in Jacksonville, there are certain minimum mandatory conditions you must complete on probation. Some special conditions of DUI probation in Jacksonville are that you must complete DUI school level one, complete the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Victim Impact Panel, and impound your car for ten days. If you are placed on Domestic Battery probation in Jacksonville, you will be required to complete the Batterers’ Intervention Program, which is a 26 week class.

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