Bail and Bonds in Jacksonville, Florida: What to do if you or a loved one is arrested

When you are arrested in Jacksonville or anywhere in Florida, you are entitled and it is your right to be brought in front of a Duval County judge within twenty-four hours. That judge will determine whether or not you have to pay bail to be released from jail, deny bail or release you on your own recognizance. The term “bail” is a security (money) you post to guarantee your future appearance in Jacksonville criminal court. If a bail amount is set for your release, you have a couple of options. You or your love one can give the whole amount to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and at the end of your case, the whole amount will be returned. When the amount of the bail set in a Jacksonville Criminal case is high, most folks cannot post the entire amount to secure the release of a loved one. In that case, bail bondsmen are utilized. Most bondsmen are the same, in that they require payment of ten percent of the entire bail amount. In return for that fee paid to the bondsman, the bond agent will guarantee the entire bail amount to the court system if you fail to appear in court. If you do not appear at your future court dates, the bond company can chase, confine and return you to the Duval County Detention Center.

When determining whether or not to set bail in any Duval County criminal case, a judge will consider a number of issues. First and foremost, he or she will look at the Jacksonville criminal charges you were arrested for. The more violent the alleged offense, the higher bail amounts generally go. The judge will consider your familial ties to the City of Jacksonville. The more family you have in the area, the better. How long you have lived in the community will be considered. Whether or not you are employed can also be a factor in determining what your bail amount will be. The judge may ask whether or not you have ever failed to appear in court in the past. Every person arrested in Jacksonville has the right to an individualized review of their bail. As a rule, bail amounts are not supposed to punish the accused person. The main purpose of bail is to insure your appearance at future court dates. Often times, bail amounts in Duval County are high. If your loved one is in jail with a high bond or no bond at all, it is important to contact a Jacksonville Bail Bond Attorney. Our Duval County Bail Reduction Lawyer will discuss your loved one’s situation and advise you of your options, including filing a Motion for a Bond Reduction.

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