Arrests down this year for Jacksonville’s annual Florida-Georgia football game

Police arrested fewer people and issued fewer criminal citations during this year’s Florida-Georgia game than they did last year. They were 32 arrests in Duval County, including two on felonies, compared with 38 arrests in 2012, three of which were felonies, according to a report in the Florida Times-Union. Police also issued 64 criminal citations, down significantly from the 111 handed out last year, the newspaper reported.

Criminal citations are issued for minor Jacksonville Misdemeanor Crimes such as possession of alcohol by a minor. When a citation is issued, the person will be given a date to appear in court on the alleged violation, but will not have to spend the night in jail. The annual Florida-Georgia football game brings partiers downtown from all over, including those who park their RVs near the stadium start on Wednesday for a Saturday game. Police could likely make hundreds of arrests in and around the downtown entertainment district, but appear to focusing more on keeping people safe rather than making arrests. People, especially college students, often make poor decisions when alcohol is involved and it can be unfortunate when someone ends up with a criminal record for a minor scuffle at a football game. Anything from a Jacksonville battery charge for a fight to DUI to even indecent exposure can be a potential charge if things get out of hand.

And while the initial thought is often to just pay the fine or plead guilty and get it over with, that can end up being a decision that sticks with a person forever, even if it is just a Jacksonville Misdemeanor Case. By paying a fine, you are admitting guilt. That goes for a minor in possession of alcohol, just as it does for a speeding ticket in Jacksonville Traffic Cases. Even if it involves coming back to Jacksonville to appear in court, the decision can pay big dividends in the long runs. Jacksonville Misdemeanor Attorneys know the system and can help a defendant to have adjudication withheld, which means a conviction or plea would not appear on a person’s record if they meet certain requirements. Students go to college to help them find a job when they leave and a poor decision on a celebratory weekend shouldn’t get in the way of their career prospects.
Our Jacksonville Misdemeanor Attorney has represented thousands of people on misdemeanor crimes and will thoroughly examine the case to help you or your loved one deal with the issue and move forward.

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