Argument at Party Turns into Fatal Jacksonville Stabbing

The Florida Times-Union reports that an argument at a party recently in Jacksonville led to the stabbing death of a man.

Hiring an aggressive Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney should be the first step for anyone charged with a crime. It becomes even more crucial for someone charged with a crime of violence. Weapons charges in Jacksonville and throughout Florida are punished with harsh prison sentences for those convicted.According to the newspaper, law enforcement got a call around 3 a.m. one Saturday and arrived at the corner of North Jackson Avenue and Texas Street in Marietta. When they arrived they found a 21-year-old man inside a truck suffering from a stab wound.

The newspaper reports that the man in the truck backed 100 feet or so down a driveway and into a fence. Police say they don’t know if he was stabbed before he got into a vehicle or once he was already inside.

Later that night, a 20-year-old was charged in connection with the death. Investigators said a second person was taken to the hospital suffering injuries, but that person was treated and released. The article doesn’t state what charges the 20-year-old faces. Police say an argument broke out at a party and led to the stabbing.

In cases where there is a large crowd of people at a gathering, such as a party, witness credibility can sometimes be the core issue of a trial — and whether the person on trial is guilty or not guilty of the crimes.

An experienced Jacksonville defense attorney will question witnesses about what their state of mind was at the time of the event. At a party attended by adults, it’s highly likely that alcohol is being served. Sometimes, there are even drugs being used and abused. This leads to questionable witness testimony. The state knows it, the judge knows it and it’s the defense attorney’s job to make sure the jury knows it as well.

If there are a group of witnesses, it’s possible that there will be differing accounts about what actually transpired. One witness may say the victim started a fight and the suspect was simply acting in self defense. Another witness may say the complete opposite. It must also be noted that people attending a party together are likely friends or, at least, acquaintances. They have some level of bias and that can be brought out at trial, as well.

In cases where violence is being alleged, it’s also possible that people ran away and attempted to hide in order to avoid being a victim themselves. For those witnesses, they must be questioned as to how accurate their memory may be if they were attempting to get away. If they went into a different room or hid, how could they have seen what really happened?

An experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney will question everything the state throws at a client accused of a crime. A defendant must be considered innocent until proven guilty.

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